Nothing contributes to coziness at home, as candlelight from beautiful lanterns. Place them in any other room and feel how the coziness spreads.

At Darra Home, we love to light candles especially in the dark winter months, but also in the summer. It contributes to a very special mood and spreads heat like nothing else. And in your loved ones, light up the barbecue and put on your favorite music, to create a beautiful atmosphere. Our selection includes a wide variety of materials, sizes, and shapes - ranging from ceramics, glass, bamboo, steel, and wood to round and square, large and small lanterns.

Explore and assemble your own favorite lanterns. Blend the different materials and shapes into your own unique combination of lighting - you won't regret it. Although lanterns create the perfect ambient lighting, it can also be a beautiful addition to the decor and to emphasize the style you would like to show in your home.